We all know what price is, but some of us get confused about value. When you purchase furniture, the price is what you pay and value is what you get. There are lots of choices when it comes to furniture quality. There are also as many prices for similar looking furniture.


When we go shopping for furniture, we want to get the best value we can. One of the issues the consumer can run into are different qualities for the same look. Manufacturers will take a good selling group from a competing company and produce a product that looks very similar. They will even use a very similar material to cover the furniture. Let’s take a sofa for instance. Manufacturer A has spent time designing a sofa and putting quality and different design features into it. This sofa sells well. Then manufacturer B takes and copies the sofa and put their own material on it. Soon after this manufacturer C, which makes only promotional sofas, copies the sofa and puts vinyl on it instead of leather like manufacturers A and B. Now you have seen ads for manufacturer A’s sofa and you really like it. You go to a local furniture store near you and show them the photo of what you like. They now show you manufacturer C’s version. The salesperson tells you it is very similar and the price is about half of what you expected to pay for manufacturer A’s sofa. You purchase the sofa and it lasts 9 months before it breaks down and needs repairing. After being repaired, 6 months later the vinyl begins to crack. Now the warranty has expired. You purchased a sofa for $500 instead of $1000. Manufacturer A’s sofa has the same warranty as C’s, but A’s has leather and B’s was vinyl. Did this customer get value, probably not, unless they only needed the sofa to last a year. The point we are making is that just because it looks like another sofa you have seen and is priced higher or lower and has a different manufacturer you are not getting the same quality. Try to find the best value for your money, not just the best price.


Prices can be all over the place for the same looking sofa. We all want to pay the best price for our furniture. We all want a furniture deal. We look for furniture specials. We don’t want to feel like we overpaid for our furniture. We all have to pay some price. Make sure that when you are making a furniture purchase you are asking about construction and warranty. We show you construction with cushion demos, un-upholstered furniture, and fabric samples. We want to make sure you are getting the best price for the value you are looking for. We offer different manufacturers with similar looks on our floor, but each is constructed differently and that can have a drastic effect on the price you pay.

Get The Best Value For The Price

Hopefully this was of some assistance in helping you get the best value for the price. We strive ourselves in offering quality products with strong warranties. But we know that some folks want to purchase a look and don’t want their furniture to last as long since they want to change it out regularly. They are still getting value for a low price since their value is a look. Most customers do however want a piece of furniture that is going to last them for many, many years. Our advice is to lift the side of the sofa, you will be surprised in weight differences in the same looks. This would be because some manufacturers use metal springs and some use rubber webbing. Ask your salesperson about the construction and make sure you are getting a warranty like you desire. We hope you are able to get a GREAT value for a GREAT price.