After the long cold winter, it’s time to think about spring cleaning. Open your doors and clean out the dust bunnies. It is also a good time to let some fresh air in. This is a good time to look around the house for things that need replacing instead of cleaning. Many things may be worn out and we just overlook them.

Don’t Forget Your Mattress

It might be time to think about a new mattress and foundation. Think you only need a new mattress, wrong, your foundation has dust too. A lot of dust can accumulate in and around our beds. Clean the carpet and add your new mattress and foundation. Your bedroom needs to be a place that clean and comfortable.

Is Your Living Room Meeting Your Needs

Now on to your family room. Kids, dogs and dust bunnies. Add a new sofa and loveseat to give your home fresh feeling. There are lots of styles and colors available. We need to think color, comfort and quality. Color is something that makes you smile when you walk into the room. Of course, you want something easy to clean with children and pets. Comfort goes without saying. You want something that is inviting to all that enter the room. You now need to focus on the quality or value of your furniture.

Think about the value of what we need. We need to think about getting the best value for our money. Now comes the biggest thing of all, quality. How long do I want my furniture to last? One month to ten years? Quality is so important. You say why? You need to take the time to make sure the material is put on right and matches at the seams. If lines are not straight, the minute that someone walks in your room, they will spot it. You want to make sure that the frame will be strong enough to take care of all those that come and sit on it. Remember not everyone is 100 pounds. Now that all of this is out of the way we can add a nice area rug and sit back and say, “boy what an inviting room to kick back in”.

Enjoy Your Space

Open the blinds and let the sun shine in. Time for Easter and family time. No dust bunnies for my family. Remember if doing your base boards add lemon juice to your water, to help slow down the dust on them. Most of all remember what you did in this room, so you can enjoy your efforts with your loved ones. Remember you can always sell your old furniture, if it is in good shape, on consignment.