We wanted to offer you some of the reasons why we feel you should consign your unwanted furniture.  There are other reasons we are sure as to why you should that we have not mentioned.  Each of us have our reasons for doing many things.

New Additions

                Changes in our lives are created by many different factors.  One could be you just had a new baby.  The items we had as childless parents may just not work for our little ones.  We need to move out the old and bring in something more compatible for our new family.  There is life still left in your old product, so why not sell it.  You most likely will get no where near what you originally paid, but many consignment items get around 30% of their original cost.  That $1000 dresser could possibly sale for around $300.  

                Sometimes one or more of our parents must move back in with us.  This creates the need for possibly making room in our homes for their furniture.  Instead of storing your unused furniture, consign it.  You will get far more for your consigned furniture now than if you store it and moisture and animals do their damage.  Most stored furniture seems to be worthless years later. 

Going Green

                Tons of unwanted furniture is thrown into our landfills each year.  Some of it needs to go there, but lots of it can be sold as consignment furniture.  There are a lot of folks that shop only for used items.  Consigning your furniture would give them more products to shop for and save some space in our landfills. 

There are also people that are pretty crafty.  These folks will take a piece of furniture and create a masterpiece from it.  Okay, maybe not a masterpiece, but they will give a very bad looking piece of furniture a new look for its new life.  There are lots of TV shows out now that that is what the entire show is built around.  We have some items that have damage to the finish, but that is all.  They are still structurally strong, they just need to be painted, refinished, or whatever you would like to do with them.


                None of us really like to talk about it, but death is something that will happen to all of us.  Over our lifetimes we collect a lot of furniture.  Some of it may be used by our heirs, but more often than not it is not their style.  An easy way to dispose of this older furniture is to consign it.  Getting something out of the furniture now is a lot easier than later.  We can even come to your home and clear out your unwanted furniture for consignment.  We do our best to make this easy for you, especially in these situations, because we do have an emotional bond with some furniture.  These pieces of furniture can remind us of the ones that are no longer with us.  Consigning these items gives them an ability to bring someone else the happiness they have brought you over the years.


                Safety can be a major reason people choose to consign their furniture.  How many strangers do you want to invite into your home to look at your used sofa?  This creates the issue of trust of a stranger.  Most folks are nice, respectful and don’t mind helping others, but it only takes one bad one to ruin many things in your life.  We like being able to offer to sell your consignment furniture for this very reason.  We deal with the general public daily.  We offer a safe facility for our shoppers and the furniture we offer.  There are many people that do shop that you may no want in your home.

Come Consign With Us

                Hopefully we have been able to show you some of the reasons you should consign your furniture.  If you do not consign with us, but do have some use furniture, please find someone to consign it for you.  We do our best at making consigning your furniture an easy process for you and us both.  We look forward to consigning your furniture very soon.