Why purchase an extended warranty for your furniture?  Why spend the extra money?  Is my manufacturer warranty no good?  These are just a few of the questions we are asked about our extended warranty program.

Why do you need the extended warranty?

First off, to protect your furniture from accidental damage.  Life does happen and it usually happens on our furniture.  The protection plan we offer covers:  rips, cuts, tears, punctures, stains, and damage from pets.  These things can and will happen over the life of the furniture in your home.  Think of furniture as a necessary investment in your home.  Without furniture what is left in your home?  We purchase insurance for other things in our lives.  Think of the extended warranty as insurance for your furniture.

Why spend the extra money?

To protect your investment.  We do not purchase furniture regularly, but when we do, we want it to last for many years.  We want it to create the same emotion it created the day it was delivered until the day it needs replacing.  Why would you not want to have accidental coverage for it.  Invest in the extended warranty and you will not be disappointed if you have an accident.

Is my manufacturer’s warranty any good?

Yes, manufacturer warranties are good, but this depends on the manufacturer.  Most manufacturer’s do not cover accidental damage.  They consider that normal use or even abuse sometimes.  Most extended warranty programs start after a manufacturer’s warranty runs out, unless it is a claim that is not covered by their warranty.

Whose warranty do I purchase?

Most extended warranties have to be purchased at the time the furniture is purchased or prior to the furniture being delivered.  There are many different companies that offer extended warranties.  We have tried many different ones over our decades of selling furniture.  The company that we currently offer has been easy to work with for both the customer and us.  We currently offer extended warranties from Montage.  We recommend you purchase an extended protection program.  Our website offers brief description of the extended warranty programs available.